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Wolfer: Devastating child-care consequences

Thank you to all of the candidates running for council. It is indeed a huge undertaking, oftentimes challenging and controversial. It comes with great responsibility.

While I understand the current council’s desired goal of increasing child-care capacity, the mandated leasehold requirements and subsequent impasse at the Yellow Brick had devastating and unintended consequences for many of our youngest, most precious stakeholders, their families and the teachers who cared for them.

Specifically, the leasehold mandate for five days per week care vs. the four days per week offered at Playgroup the previous 29 years without the knowledge or understanding of a tried and true solvent business model that met or exceeded the required weekly leasehold capacity numbers. 

Providing desired continuity, high quality, trusted, loving care and education with long serving beloved, dedicated and valued teachers for hundreds of our precious local children. Continuously serving our community families at an affordable daily tuition rate for almost three decades. The loss is crushing. 

Moving forward, a balanced and measured approach when establishing policy would serve our community well. 

Mary Elizabeth Wolfer