Winnerman: What the grapevine says |

Winnerman: What the grapevine says

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Dear honorable mayor and council people: There have been several angry letters and even a few articles in the local papers regarding unfinished buildings in town — and all blame the developer(s). 

So, because I dislike this unsightly mess like everyone else, I decided to “investigate” like our reporters should be doing! 

Everyone I asked said it is the city of Aspen that is just not doing its Job. Even restaurants and retail shops cannot get a remodel permit. 

The sounds to me like you who lead our city are just not interested in working with anyone? Could you please get all of us an update on why no one is reviewing these applications by the end of this year? It seems to me that every developer, restaurateur, and shop owner wants to get open as soon as possible, including everyone’s favorite — The Red Onion.

This has turned into a blame game. Let’s get a solution now. Thank you and happy holidays.

Lorrie B. Winnerman