Winnerman: Ready for change |

Winnerman: Ready for change

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Thank you for covering the new candidates for city of Aspen government and asking the hard questions.

Every time I attended a City Hall meeting in the last four years, no matter what a local citizen voiced a concern about, the mayor and council were polite but always voted 5-0 against the concern.

For example: 

LIVING LAB: Took about 45 parking spaces from the commercial core, restaurants and retailers lost business, and their employees made less money, so their feedback was 189-1 to change it back.  What did these nice guys do? They extended it into October.

CHILD CARE: The same leaders closed the Yellow Brick, so approximately 60 local families — working parents — scrambled for weeks and months looking for replacements for their children, so they could go back to work.

Now, the city — about a year later — allows flexible lease terms that the former tenants wanted, and the city is subsidizing plus allowing tenants to charge higher rates. Another great job to help locals.

BUILDING PERMITS: Guess why our prices for food and drink is so high — just ask your favorite bar/restaurant owner how long and how much they spent on a remodel permit. Most will tell you months, not days. We pay for that it bigger prices. Shame on the city.

This list is much longer, but you get the picture. It is time to elect solutions-driven candidates who will listen to your (our) issues no matter where you come from or what you do for a living.

Please vote for Tracy Sutton for mayor, Bill Guth for council, and Sam Rose for council.

Time for a change.

Lorrie B. Winnerman