Winnerman: Need a business solution |

Winnerman: Need a business solution

Yes, we need a better solution for improved employee housing, but 2A in not the answer. APCHA recently made a positive change where those owners can rent extra rooms to qualified tenants, thereby creating more space for more workers and additional income for that APCHA homeowner. 

But, the additional tax of 5%-10% in the already zoned commercial lodging core in downtown Aspen helps no one.

I am surprised the long-time local council people Rachel Richards and Ward Hauenstein are not aware that these properties never housed local workers. They were always for tourists. 

If locals think other neighborhoods away from this historically forever short-term lodging district need more taxes and oversight, then vote “No” on 2A and write a more honest code. This higher tax on existing lodges and condos in the short-term zone will not only hurt the workers they employ, it will hurt our restaurants, bartenders, and servers.

Aspen has the most dedicated employee housing of any resort or town in Colorado at over 3,000 units. We need a business solution discussion for improvement, not more taxes.

Lorrie B. Winnerman