Winnerman: Disgusted with lack of progress |

Winnerman: Disgusted with lack of progress

I had to turn off the panel Wednesday night that was generously and constructively set up with the mayoral candidates because of Torre’s incessant claims. The final insult was that because of him most of the projects are moving forward in the core. 

I can tell you that I was so disgusted with nothing being done on most of them, that I wrote a letter to the mayor and City Council just a few months ago asking why they were not overseeing their staff sitting on permits for 75 weeks and more. None of them had a clue!

And Torre never responded to me. It was Councilman Ward Hauenstein who expressed shock and dismay, and called for a meeting. 

If Torre had really done his job in four years, then why is progress just starting?

Time for a change. Vote for Tracy Sutton for mayor and Bill Guth and Sam Rose for council.

Lorrie B. Winnerman