Winnerman: And the list goes on |

Winnerman: And the list goes on

There are so many poor and irresponsible decisions by the current Aspen administration, which includes the city manager, as follows:

1. Approval for a child-care center at Burlingame for $20 million-plus for Burlingame when they have an $8 million lawsuit against them for building defects of the homes they are denying any culpability for, and, oh … no one to staff it.

2. The Yellow Brick child-care center is still empty because they “fired” the beloved woman there because she could only be staffed four days per week, so zero days for parents must be better than four?

3. Parents are now DRIVING their kids to Snowmass child care and sitting in traffic instead of biking them to child care in town.

4. The brilliant Living Lab decision cut out almost 40 parking spots. So, last night, our friends who drove from Snowmass — not biked — could not find a parking spot to meet for dinner so were ready to just leave and miss the restaurant. Also, most handicap spots are gone. That cannot help any business/restaurant in the core.

5. Approval for the Lumberyard subsidized-housing development at more than $1 million subsidy per unit when the city cannot finish Phase 3 at Burlingame — maybe because they have no clue about building?

This 0-5 constant vote does not help any level of Aspen local — whether in any aspect of  business or living in employee housing or desperately needing child care or all of the above.

We must replace this group with anyone who actually has a real-life experience in any of the above. Please do some investigative reporting on these local issues. Help!

Lorrie B. Winnerman