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Wilson: Well, she’s just wrong

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In her recent column, Elizabeth Milias took a break from her bi-weekly anti-APCHA rant to further spread false information about the program in an attempted rebuke of another letter writer.

She states “Once in the system, employer, income, and assets are never, ever revisited, and remote work from Pitkin County is permitted. If you don’t believe me, read the APCHA regulations, Page 14.” 

Perhaps if she looked past her bias and contempt for people who do more than complain in a regular news column, she herself would have taken the time to read all the way through Page 40 and 41.

Here, she would have found that, while owners are released from income and asset limits, they must complete a requalification affidavit biennially affirming, specifically, employer and employment qualification requirements. If she happened to make it all the way to Page 58 and 59, she would have found the regulation’s definitions of employer and full-time work — of which mysteriously unnamed remote “powerful tech companies” are not. Also, if someone were working a second job remote, that could only account for 25% of household total income, doubtful enough to purchase a “vineyard in Montrachet.”

And, of course, renters must also complete a requalification packet biennially meeting all of the qualification requirements.

An old proverb states that a broken clock is still correct twice a day. But, what about a broken record?

Todd Wilson