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Williams: ‘Dorothy, you’ve always had the power my dear’

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In the Judson Haimes column, “Type 2 diabetes is increasing,” he states, ”There is no cure.”

I am a medical researcher, and there absolutely is a cure: The real cure is to stop it from happening in the first place by understanding the cause and making changes to prevent it. 

Diabetes happens when environmental toxins we are exposed to every day travel through the bloodstream to the pancreas, where they damage healthy cells, including beta cells that produce insulin. Healthy beta cells make insulin; poisoned beta cells make too little insulin, damaged insulin, or no insulin at all. 

To prevent diabetes, the earlier you make changes, the better. Parents or anyone with diabetes must detox the home of chemicals, toxic volatile organic compounds, and toxic foods that damage the cells of the pancreas in the first place. 

To reverse diabetes, you have to do the above, plus clean out the dead and damaged cells of the pancreas and rebuild new healthy cells. Then the pancreas will function properly again. There is plenty of science to prove this. 

You/we are the cause. Stop the cause, and you stop the disease … all disease. 

Kimberly Lynn Williams

Medical researcher and private consultant, Aspen