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Wilkinson: Elitism is not sacred

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Yes there are some sacred things in Aspen. And having been around a long time does not always increase virtuous qualities, such as with racist and elitist human beings.

Those who with bulging pockets cannot help but feel they are more entitled to exist and entitled to control and rule the world. The worst prejudice is the prejudice of the wealthy against all others. That is not a virtue, but Aspen is full of it.

That which is sacred is everywhere equally. Being coveted as Aspen does not make it sacred.

Laws are sacred. Ownership of land is sacred, as far as our human laws are written and then obeyed.

Aspen has incurred a huge debt to many for its legacy. People have been mistreated and land has been taken. Lives have been destroyed. The actions by many in Aspen that have created this current town have “as is said in law” hands that are not clean.

Tulasi Wilkinson

Previous owner, Smuggler Mountain