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Wilkinson: Do what is right

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

So many delays and justifications to procrastinate doing what is right and just. Doing what you know in your heart really must be done in order to follow proper behavior and not create animosity.

When you take what is not yours or even more than your share. When you do not respect those you have taken from. When you abuse your power and break the oath of your position.

When you lie, cheat and steal to try and be superior and richer than others. When you think you are better and deserve better shelter, food and clothing. When your material possessions overwhelm who you truly know yourself to be.

Who are we really and what are we doing? Ask yourself Who am I?

Our world will never go back in time. There will be now for some time far too many people for this planet to support because the great sacrifice of greed has not been made by the greedy who think they know better and deserve more.

Some say the downward spiral has momentum beyond what can be stopped. This world will do what it will do, What is important is not saving this world but doing what is right and of benefit to all or at least to as many as one can.

These are very different times so proper behavior is how to survive and still enjoy our gift of life through wisdom and generosity.

Tulasi Wilkinson

Formerly Smuggler Mountain