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Wilkinson: A bitter pill to swallow

Patti Clapper, how did you do your best for our family? You never showed any kind of respect or concern for us. You have never met Jaya or asked him how he is doing. How ill he is, how he has suffered because of the taking of his land. We were homeless and may be again.

You have our very valuable land and we were homeless. How do you justify that? How do you justify our hunger and freezing in our car? How do you justify what you did to your long-time community family that owned the (Smuggler Mountain) property that you coveted?

I know the game in Aspen is probably out of your hands, considering who owns Aspen from the Skico to the Aspen Institute, etc. But you had the power to do what you did to us. You do remember all that was done to get our land, don’t you? I have not forgotten.

We live it every day. This story is not a secret and is well known by many people in Aspen who actually let it happen by not speaking up and having the courage to stop it.

I want to invite you to come and visit with us. Jaya needs to know why all of you did what you did. Years ago, I told you that you had destroyed our lives and you said that made you very sad. Really? This goes far beyond not pleasing everybody. It is all of record.

Come visit with us we can share with you all of our stories that came from your and Torre’s “great service” to the people of Aspen. Jaya and I will tell you all of our stories about how all of the politicians of Aspen have treated us and ignored our pleas for help. Everyone is welcome.

Have the decency and courage to see the results of your actions. That is true service to the people.

Tulasi Wilkinson