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Whitsitt: Think about hosting music school student

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The Aspen Music Festival and School had to cut programs in the past due to housing shortages for students. This hurts not only the school and our community but also diminishes opportunities for talented students who might miss out on a world-class experience in Aspen.  

Last year and again this year, Tim and I are hosting a music student in our home.  We had a fabulous experience last year and look forward to meeting our next guest.  

The Music Festival and School provided us with as many concert tickets as we could use, enabling us to attend our student’s concerts and many other concerts.  

It would be preferable for students to live in Aspen so if you value what the music season offers, please reach out to them and lend a housing hand for the season. If you are in the midvalley, the school welcomes our support as well as housing is in short supply in Aspen.

You are welcome to call me with questions about the experience on 970-379-8854.

Here is the link to the housing folks: https://www.aspenmusicfestival.com/rent-or-donate-housing

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Jacque Whitsitt