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What if Clinton walked in Trump’s shoes?

I imagine how I’d feel if Hillary Clinton became president — if she’d won the Electoral College by 27,000 votes but lost the popular by 3 million with another 6 million going to two other liberal candidates.

For her inauguration, corporations and people give $150 million, buying access. It’s learned that she has deep ties to Putin and that there is evidence to suggest Putin influenced the election in her favor as a quid pro quo for easing $500 billion in sanctions on Russia. She puts utterly unqualified billionaires in cabinet posts that are committed to destroying the agency they lead and her daughter Chelsea in a position of influence in the West Wing. Chelsea’s husband is her chief advisor. She refuses to release any tax returns, she blocks access to the visitor logs in the White House and Bill refuses to live in the White House so our tax dollars are spent keeping him safe in Chappaqua.

Hillary spends almost every weekend in a resort that is marketed by her very presence and from which the Clinton Foundation draws profits. In three months her security costs us more than Obama’s did in eight years. In an interview she names the wrong country she bombed while bragging about the chocolate cake she was eating with the Premier XI of China while ordering the bombing. I’ve got a feeling that the stories will keep rolling on about her.

Plagiarized from an unknown person and filled in with alternate facts …

John Hoffmann