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West: Clock ticking on better Entrance options

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The “Deeper look …” (Aspen Times, Jan. 20) begs a response. The back-of-the-hand reaction to the Aspen Times poll by Trish Aragon fails to acknowledge several truths.

First, the poll, however imprecise, gave the voters options. The city’s “outreach program” does not. It is a one-sided, inaccurate, take-it-or-leave-it approach.

Second, the poll substantiates what the city knows by now: There is no public support for its proposal. No polling is needed to know the voters’ choice if the city dares to put its Preferred Alternative to the test. 

Aragon criticizes the S-curves, failing to mention that, in 2004 and 2007, studies were conducted and proposals were done to soften the curves and increase through-put. She also fails to acknowledge that light rail is dead as Ward Hauenstein told City Council in November.

There are four, year-round evacuation routes — not only the two she cites. This is a red herring to bootstrap a need for a five-lane road. She should answer this: Why hasn’t the city done anything since the Lake Christine Fire to bolster evacuation routes if they were deficient? Is the city waiting until 2033 or later, when a new bridge will be built?

The “Preferred Alternative” is the city’s 25-year-old, dead-on-arrival proposal to “cure” Aspen’s transportation ills, one the city would deeply regret.

It is not the choice of the voters. Time to explore better options — the clock is ticking on the old bridge.

Karen West