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Watson: Took the harder course

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

After viewing and reviewing the Squirm Night sheriff’s debate, I noticed that one of the most important facts brought to light was given short shrift.

Three years ago, Joe DiSalvo held his brother-in-law and decades-long friend, Michael Buglione, to account for his role in leaving 100 teenagers unchaperoned.

As sheriff, Joe could have done three things: 1. He could have used the incident to force Michael out of the department; 2. he could have greased the wheels to maintain the status quo and allow Michael to continue in his position; 3. he could have treated Michael like any other employee and held him to account. 

With Michael being a former family member and longtime friend, the first option seems highly unlikely. The facts tell us Joe did not choose the second option. Joe took the most uncomfortable option, which was the path of integrity. How many of us could administer negative sanctions to a long-time friend and former family member? 

Acts of integrity rarely make the headlines. The saga with Buglione has been a trial by fire that tested Joe’s character and integrity.

As painful as all this has been for Joe, it demonstrates to Pitkin County residents the kind of man they have leading the Sheriff’s Office. When you have that rare man of character, skills and experience, you don’t let him go.

Kenneth Watson

Foxborough, Massachusetts