Warren: Support our Aspen Ambulance District

I have had both the pleasure and honor of working next to the Aspen Ambulance District’s truly outstanding EMTs and paramedics for several years now as part of my duties as an Aspen volunteer firefighter.

Our community is exceptionally lucky to have the district’s cadre of exceptionally calm, well-trained, and professional first responders responding to everything from car accidents to home explosions to twisted ankles to swift-water rescues (not to mention the “skiers versus snow”). I mean it when I say we’re lucky — many communities just do not have medical responders who are at the elite level our ambulance service maintains. I know that, in my time of need, these are the people I want caring for me or my loved ones. 

I urge support for the Ambulance District’s proposed mill levy. This is just the second mill levy the district has sought since 1982 — 40 years! The mill levy that passed in 2014 (eight years ago) was for a new ambulance barn/HQ to replace the one that was in rough shape.

Gabe Muething, the district’s director, runs a tight ship and wastes nothing. Unfortunately, in this time of rising costs, our Ambulance District is beset by the same — rising costs.

Let’s keep the truly elite responders (and their equipment) we need in our times of greatest need. Please support the Aspen Ambulance District’s mill levy.

Ryan E. Warren