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Ward: Thank you for this village

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

After my Academy Award-worthy crash on Highlands (Not the Bowl, that was easy — it is always the flats that get you), I would like to thank all of the wonderful professionals who got me pieced back together:

Thank you, Melissa from Bermuda, who insisted on accompanying me down to the DT lift and then up to the patrol shack. Thank you, JJ and Evelyn, who assessed my bloody face even though it was clearly painful to look at. Thank you JJ, who insisted on taking me down on the sled, and thank you, Ashley, for riding shotgun on that wild ride!

Thank you, RFTA, for getting me to the ER. Thank you, Dr. Gallagher, for assessing the damage, and especially thank you, PAs Bailey and Coach Mo, for artistically sewing up my face while updating me on Aspen women’s hockey exploits. Thank you, RFTA (again), for transporting me from the ER to the Buttermilk parking lot, where my car awaited! 

They say it takes a village. Thankfully, we have a community of amazingly-talented and committed professionals to lift you up when you’ve fallen! Grazie mille!

Kevin P. Ward