Ward: Ain’t broke so no need to ‘fix’

Reading all the commentary on how we are “losing Aspen” made me reflect on the crucial ingredients that create the rich bouillabaisse that is our community.

Certain names immediately come to mind: George Stranahan, John McBride, the Marolts, HST, Connie Harvey, Seth and the Animal Shelter, Dottie Fox, Mike Kaplan, Bob Braudis and his worthy apprentice, Joe DiSalvo.

These guys and gals carry the DNA of the Aspen we are trying to save. DiSalvo is maintaining the (I believe) enlightened peaceful path that Bob carved out, while other counties were doubling down on “law ’n’ order” bully-boy tactics.

Both have taken heat over the years for being too “Aspen.” Well, damn right, and that’s why I will be voting for Joe. He is part of what makes our community unique — and worth saving.

Kevin P. Ward