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Ward: A difference in values

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Want to know the difference between new Aspen and old Aspen? 

I just received a self-congratulatory note from a Realtor who bragged about how many “high market value/high opportunity” flips he had achieved last year. (Actually, many notes from many Realtors — he’s not that special) Lotsa bucks changing hands — whee!

In contrast, I just read that John and Laurie McBride have completed the donation of their 2,000-acre Lost Marbles Ranch to Aspen Valley Land Trust, creating a conservation easement that will preserve some of the most beautiful land in the valley.

“Dedicating our land to the highest and best use — wildlife habitat — was an important and easy decision for our family,” Pete McBride observed. “This will be a legacy — not only for the stewards, but also the elk, beaver, raptors, songbirds, and many more.” 

And there, in a nutshell, is the difference between new and “old.” Hang in there, McBrides, raptors, and songbirds — we need you old-timers!!

Kevin P. Ward