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Wallison: DiSalvo has shown wisdom

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Being in the midst of an election this year brought back memories of another election year: 2012. I was the chair of the Pitkin County Republicans, and we had our first ever campaign headquarters in Aspen.  They were in the old Poppie’s building at the S Curves. 

Some time at night just before Election Day, eggs were thrown at the building. I reported the vandalization to Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, who handled the incident with great leadership and fairness to all. 

The boys who carried out the defacing of our headquarters could have faced incarceration. The event was publicized in the local papers. The father of one of the boys involved did the right thing and reported his son to the sheriff, and the involvement of the three other boys soon became known. 

Joe worked out a resolution of the matter after seeking my concurrence because the local Republican Party was the “victim.”  Joe’s Solomon-like proposal was no jail time for the boys but instead removal of all of the egg on the building by them. 

My hope is that the boys learned an important lesson from this youthful encounter with the law and have grown up to become responsible members of the community.

Frieda Wallison

Old Snowmass