Walbert: A thank you for the shoes

The ladies of the Aspen Thrift Shop are certain your readers will enjoy the following letter that was recently delivered to our in-box:

A thank you note for a pair of running shoes!

In 2004, I visited a friend in Aspen. I discovered that I was booked for a river canoeing trip — but, what to wear on my feet?

So, I bought a pair of used running shoes from Aspen Thrift Shop just for this one-time use.

But, after they’d dried out, I took them home to England. They were so comfortable for hiking!

Then, I wore them in the desert in Saudi Arabia, whilst I worked there.

I wore them to the shore of all my swimming events: Alcatraz, Grand Canyon, Marseilles, etc. They were always still there when I got back !

But, alas, I write to tell you that they’ve now come to the end of their long eventful life. By 2022, they’d been crushed by time … but, then, aren’t we all. 

However, they went out with true style! I left them on a ferry south of Istanbul. I wore them to cross the Dardanelles strait, then I bid them a fond farewell before I swam back from Europe to Asia. 

So, Aspen, this is a big “thank you” for selling me (at a knock-down price) that pair of trainers from your superb shop. They served me well indeed.

Serendipity brought me to your shop, and you were never forgotten. Keep up your good work. With best wishes, Martin.

Ellen Walbert