Verleger: That idea has merit |

Verleger: That idea has merit

Having criticized Elizabeth Milias often, I must write to compliment here for an idea that would work and might even reduce the tension over working housing. 

In her Dec. 18 column she suggests offering $100,000 to the first 12 owners of affordable housing who opt to sell. It is an interesting idea.

Suppose there are no takers? Why not then raise the offer the way airlines do for over sold flights. Suppose the offer has to go to $1 million? The answer should be “pay a million.”

The economic theory and use of auctions has developed dramatically over the last decades. We auction off the spectrum for wireless users. Why not encourage bidding to free worker housing in Aspen? 

Many living in affordable housing may not be able to afford to move because the increase in the price of housing in all areas of the United States has exceeded the rate of inflation. The residents are trapped. The solution proposed by Milias would give those most willing to move a way to afford to leave.

Philip Verleger