Veazy III: We go back, he and I |

Veazy III: We go back, he and I

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

You know it is nice to witness John Hornblower’s humor, wisdom, vocality and victrolics in the Aspen press over the years since I first met him at the Snowmass Village Recreation Center in December 2015. 

The gym gives one an interesting sense of the guys and gals who use the place whether in Snowmass Village, Beverly Hills or Woodland Hills, Calif. Also, you meet and get to know some interesting and worthwhile people, especially over an extended period of time. 

John Hornblower’s family’s legacy intersected with me on Wall Street many years ago. You see, in the latter 1970s for a time on Wall Street I worked at Hornblower & Weeks during those rough and tough times when the U.S. economy was crashing and there were often bombings and frequent bomb threats on Wall Street and in other financial centers in the Big Apple. 

I recall we spilt out in large, crowded numbers onto Wall Street from Hornblower & Weeks, from Sperry Rand across the street, and from other Wall Street companies and buildings. 

Before the bomb scares I experienced at Hornblower & Weeks, I remember the one I experienced at Chase Manhattan Bank’s Trust Department just before Chase Manhattan Bank Chairman David Rockefeller showed up to visit us. 

When I learnt John Hornblower’s last name, all of a sudden the memories of Hornblower & Weeks came back to me, and I found out from John Hornblower that Hornblower & Weeks was his family. 

Yes, back in the day Hornblower & Weeks was one of the large U.S. brokerage house. How many of your recall Hornblower & Weeks and the dangers of working in the financial heart and brains our country in the 1970s?

Emzy Veazy III