Veazy III: Traffic solution will take a toll |

Veazy III: Traffic solution will take a toll

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

After so many years of haggling with no resolution and action on the S-curves/straight shot issue,  it time for the state of Colorado to do its duty and institute “congestion pricing” to regulate and solve the traffic problem. 

The Colorado General Assembly should pass and enforce a law of a toll zone regarding Aspen and Pitkin County on state Highway 82.

In 1975 Singapore, then in 2003 London, and then in 2006 Stockholm, each city began charging tolls to control traffic congestion in their cities.  

Colorado has an ongoing highway history of drivers paying tolls, isn’t that right? 

In 2019, New York “State lawmakers agreed to implement it, … making New York [City] the first big American city to do so. … Now a launch is on the horizon.” (“Out of a jam,” The Economist, Sept. 3, 2022) Go to the Pitkin County Library to read this issue of The Economist for your consideration and implementation like wise adults.  

Perhaps Glenwood Springs would ask the state to do the same in its neck of the woods to relief some traffic congestion. 

Emzy Veazy III