Veazy III: Parsing enterprise |

Veazy III: Parsing enterprise

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Maurice Emmer’s letter, “Business as usual” (Aspen Daily News, Dec. 17) with his dusty, tattered sage insight of “Time again for a few indistinguishable enemies of free enterprise to step up and run for City Council again” is a supposedly philosopher’s stone for his “golden snipes or golden visionary from on high.” Does anyone recall how many times Maurice Emmer, Esq., ran for a seat on the Aspen City Council?

In the 1977 at the Denver Republican Party headquarters on 6th Avenue in North Cherry Creek, I had to correct a wealthy, older white female Denver Republican dignitary when she used the term “free enterprise.” Any educated American-born of many generations knows the correct term to use is “private enterprise.”

Instead of giving you, the reader, my scholarly operational  definition for both “private enterprise” and “free enterprise,” I simply went to the Internet, which first brought up for me the definition each time from Oxford Languages, Oxford University Press for my definition search.

Below are those initial definitions.

Free enterprise is an economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control. 

Private enterprise is a business or an industry that is managed by independent companies or private individuals rather than by the state. 

To this very day, I still stick with using “private enterprise” to be exact in thinking and in discourse in public and scholastic arenas. I have never used the term “free enterprise.”

Emzy Veazy III