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Veazy III: Out of town campaign

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Registered Aspen voters, you read Mr. Mooney’s two published April 11 letters’ quotes “I agree Toni would be a great mayor” (“Agree she’d be a good one,” The Aspen Times, April 11) and “I agree that Toni Kronberg would make a great mayor” (“Kronberg would make a great mayor,” Aspen Daily News, April 11). 

Would you enlighten civic-minded voters tell the Aspen polity, world-class travelers, and the captains of industry why you believe “Toni Kronberg would make a great mayor” for Aspen in your eyes? 

During the many past years, we have seen, read, and heard how the past Aspen city councils, political party hacks, and dilettantes mean-spiritedly and figuratively thrashed Toni Kronberg; we do not need to hear from those folks. 

Let’s hear from the resounding voices of you – the common Aspen woman and the common Aspen man – who dislike the present, years-long messed up Aspen cityscape, vitality, and economy, which those anti-Toni Kronberg people have created for you that make you worried, angry, sad, and stressed out about your future years in Aspen because of the shenanigans of the old regimes’ hustles. 

Please send your letters to both Aspen Daily News and The Aspen Times for publication because vox populi, vox Dei (The famous Latin phrase means “the voice of the people (is) the voice of God). 

Emzy Veazy III