Veazy III: Only takes a year |

Veazy III: Only takes a year

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Tom Mooney’s recent published letter (“Unless she moves, of course,” Aspen Times, April 4) had a title to correct his fallacious logic and critical thinking concerning Toni Kronberg being an elected Aspen City Council member. 

For Mr. Mooney’s edification and the public’s at-large benefit, here are extracts from the City’s charter: 

PART I – HOME RULE CHARTER: ARTICLE III – COUNCIL: Section 3.1. – The council:

Section 3.5. – Qualifications: 

Each councilman and the mayor when nominated and elected shall be an elector of the City and a citizen of the United States for at least one (1) year and shall have resided in the City of Aspen forat least one (1) year. No councilman or the mayor shall be a salaried employee of the City during his term of office, perform personal services for the City for which he is compensated other than as provided in Section 3.6. The council shall be the judge of election and qualifications of its own members. 

Mr. Mooney, the devil are in the details, while Heaven always reigns bright even with chicanery and confusion deceiving many from the light of beacon’s way to sounder governing efforts and policies. 

Where there is a will, there is a public at-large way for Toni Kronberg to hold the City Hall scepter. Don’t you agree, sensible Aspen voters?

Emzy Veazy III