Veazy III: No head for business |

Veazy III: No head for business

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Whether in Aspen or elsewhere there are very few “viable businesses” that close, shutter and “leave … buildings vacant and decrepit” despite “greedy landlords.” 

It is more than obvious Michelle Antenucci Henderson (“Vacant buildings? Disgraceful,” Letters, Aspen Daily News, Jan. 22) doesn’t understand economic geography, financial statement analysis, money supply mechanics, velocity of money, history, business and economic cycles, labor market significance, supply chain disruptions, trade costs, cost of money, and real upscale retail, restaurant, and business dislocations and environments — whatever her life experience, education, observations and common sense affords her. 

Over the many decades Beverly Hills and other tony cities and upscale shopping meccas have experienced tough business times with high vacancy rates and slum appearances during the ups and downs of our American economy and the stock market. Time and again, it’s been very shocking to me, but that’s life even in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Greenwich, Connecticut.

Unless Michelle Antenucci Henderson has deep, really deep, pockets of cash money to slosh around on spending in Aspen, then she lacks any sense of actual business in her “local business with local interests” mindset.

Emzy Veazy III