Veazy III: Limits of patriotism |

Veazy III: Limits of patriotism

Well, it is nice to see legal eagle Maurice Emmer’s questionable Americanism and America first stance commentary letter about American citizenship and loyalty for all to read (“All American, period,” Aspen Times, May 19) and digest for food for thoughtful patriotism. 

Dual citizenship, even triple and quadruple citizen, is a long-standing problem and concern for us American-born of many generations who only have U.S. citizenship, ergo, one loyalty shared between each other like ourselves, the American-born of many generations in our country of the United State of America. 

I am sure Mr. Emmer has many friends, family members and associates who have dual and even possible triple citizenship. They tell us American-born of many generations what is American, how to be American, and why Americans are stupid. They even sabotage our efforts on a regular basis.  

How many times has Mr. Emmer favored those with multiple citizenships over us American-born of many generations? I betcha lots of times! 

In June 1983 in San Francisco, I testified before a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission panel chaired by SEC Commissioner Bevis Longstreth. I told the panel, “You can always tell an American, and you can always tell a liar!” I repeated this more than once. 

Oh, by the way, those with multiple citizenships do vote in America and in other countries. 

Emzy Veazy III