Veazy III: Go American instead of foreign |

Veazy III: Go American instead of foreign

I read in the local Aspen press that Aspen Skiing Co. CEO Mike Kaplan’s money-making strategy for ski bucks is to go full steam ahead for foreign held dollars instead of going all out for our American domestic consumer at home dollars. 

Our country is tightening up on everything as a result of our federal government’s foreign policy against the Russian Federation with ever increasing layers and networks of sanctions against many people, assets, relationships, networks and other principals that are Russian, Russian-related or Russian intersected. 

This means any foreign trade or personal relationship is subject to scrutiny and penalties whether at home or abroad. This means that SkiCo, and the Aspen and Snowmass Village business community have more chances of getting entangled in some way with U.S. sanctions on Russia and other people. Who’s looking out for the risks and managing them? 

An example of how the business climate is changing within less than two years is that every limited liability company operating within our boundaries must register with the U.S. Treasury’s BOSS filing data bank to stop Russian and bad actors from keeping or sustaining sneaking and illegal financial and business transactions and money laundering. Who’s ready in Pitkin and SkiCo for tomorrow’s federal government crackdown on LLCs? 

For ski bucks, SkiCo should go American instead foreign. Didn’t President George Washington warn against foreign entanglements? America first!

Emzy Veazy III