Veazy III: For a brighter Aspen future |

Veazy III: For a brighter Aspen future

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

During the next Aspen city election cycle, the majority of Aspen voters would benefit from a long overdue, brighter City Hall future with Toni Kronberg as mayor or a city councilwoman. Many can recall she, as a courageous 20something year old, walked into the lion’s den at City Hall. 

She has built up the longest Aspen City Council tribal memory of anyone around, which spans 40 years or more. Tribal memory is the advantageous needed long-term period of a sage for recalling, understanding, and relating the past to the present in shared accumulated collective governing, knowledge, behavior, mutual interests, conflicts of interests, attitudes, emotions, decision-making processes, successes, failures, dysfunctions, culture, atomizings, groupthink, confusions, participations, shocks, and discords linked to the the community, city, county, and the external states of affairs. 

Toni Kronberg deserves more than your consideration. She deserves your organized efforts for the next year-plus to be your legendary Amazon princess warrior from out of Greek mythology.

Emzy Veazy III