Vaughn: Betsy After is the ideal school board candidate

I believe Betsy After is the ideal person to help address the challenges facing the Roaring Fork School District today, while also setting the district on a more positive strategic trajectory for the long-term. She uniquely possesses the qualities and capabilities needed to ensure our schools serve students, attract, and retain high-quality teachers, as well as reflect our community’s values in a fiscally responsible manner.

I’ve known her for 15 years, personally and professionally, and have admired her passion, attention to detail, and effective leadership style. Working together at RMI, I witnessed her ability to harness the unique skills and perspectives of the teams she manages to achieve great results. She’s a leading fundraiser for the organization and has helped fuel their impressive growth.

Amid this professional success, she also constantly gives of herself to her community and family. She has served on boards like the Basalt Regional Library District and Mount Sopris Montessori Preschool – all while helping run a local business and raising two awesome kids (She’s a great mom – not that this should factor into decision making, but it’s something I really respect about her!).

For these and many other reasons when I fill out my ballot, I’ll be checking the box next to Betsy After’s. For the future of our district, the students it serves, and the staff it employs, I hope you’ll do the same!

Kelly Vaughn