Vallario: Same old stuff

The tone of each campaign for the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office race should tell you all you need to know when deciding who to vote for. Michael Buglione’s vile campaign team of disgruntled ex-employees have done nothing but personally attack Sheriff DiSalvo and his staff with lies and misinformation over and over again. They have no platform but just want to retread their personal attacks. In a recent op-ed, the Aspen Daily News had to retract some of those lies.

On the other hand, Sheriff DiSalvo and his supporters have taken the high road and maintained a positive campaign despite how difficult the campaign is for Joe because of his personal relationship with his opponent.

Joe has a vision for the Sheriff’s Office and Pitkin County for the next four years. He has a proven track record of accomplishments to carry into the future. 

The Pitkin County community cherished and respected Sheriff Bob Braudis, and it was Braudis who groomed Joe to fill his shoes, not Joe’s opponent. Joe has continued with that legacy and deserves four more years.

Kim Vallario

Glenwood Springs