Vallario: Not about politics |

Vallario: Not about politics

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I support Joe DiSalvo for Sheriff! Why would the conservative, Republican sheriff of Garfield County support a Pitkin County candidate? Because it’s not about politics. It’s about the community and the right fit. We always ask our deputy applicants: “Should a law-enforcement agency dictate how it operates to the community, or should the community dictate to its law-enforcement agency how to operate?” The quintessential answer is that there must be a balance, and that’s what Joe provides. He lives, works and participates in the community. He balances law-enforcement needs with the wishes of the Pitkin County residents while always focusing on public safety.

I’ve known and worked with Joe for over 30 years, and, although we disagree about certain issues, he always relies on his years of experience and stands for what the Pitkin County residents want and expect from their sheriff. I admire and respect that approach. Everyone should. 

I would also caution against relying on disgruntled, ex-employees to get accurate information. It’s been my experience that as soon as they depart, they know how to run the office better than an experienced sheriff — yet there’s a reason they are no longer employed. A sheriff must have the “5000-foot view” of the office, not ground level.

Finally, it’s no secret that I would not succeed as the sheriff of Pitkin County, nor would Joe be successful in Garfield. But, for the Pitkin County community, its values and beliefs, the three-term incumbent Sheriff Joe DiSalvo is your best choice. 

Lou Vallario

Garfield County Sheriff