Vallario: DiSalvo for sheriff |

Vallario: DiSalvo for sheriff

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

There is only one real choice for sheriff, and that is Joe DiSalvo. Sheriff DiSalvo always has the best interests of the citizens of Pitkin County in mind whenever making any decision. His compassionate philosophy is in line with what the citizens of Pitkin County want and expect. Not only does he bear the responsibility of being the sheriff, but also, as a long-time resident of Pitkin County, he is involved in many aspects of the community beyond his professional scope.

Joe is a hands-on leader who has created an environment that allows leadership and decision-making amongst his staff, which ultimately provides stronger professional service to his community. He has often said that one of his greatest fears as a sheriff is the loss of life of a deputy or detainee, which is why he is working so diligently with the county commissioners to correct the extensive safety issues in the jail.

Joe is very fair-minded with his application of the law at the same time balancing the ever increasing liabilities a sheriff faces. 

I am very fortunate to work for Joe on a professional basis and also to call him my friend.

Vote for Joe DiSalvo for sheriff.

Kim Vallario

Glenwood Springs