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Upton-Spatz: The right combination

While Skippy’s accomplishments in his first term as a city councilperson can speak for themselves, I want to talk about the Skippy that I know — the role model, best friend and big brother. Having the pleasure of growing up beside him for the past 25 years, these are some things I’ve learned: 

  1. Skippy is deeply passionate. While he always bases himself in reason, facts, and logic … he leads exclusively with his heart. And when his heart is in something, so is the rest of him, at no less than 110%. Seriously, he doesn’t even know what anything less would look like. 

2. There is no place in the world he loves more than Aspen. Beyond the magnificent mountains, this town is his community and continued connection to our grandparents. Aspen is Skippy’s home and he believes in the importance of sharing its beauty with a more diverse mix of visitors, seasonal workers, full-time residents, and everyone in between who can enjoy affordable businesses and housing.

3. Skippy always looks at the bigger picture and determines how he can best contribute to it, continually choosing progress over personal gain. He is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever known and aims to be a public servant, for all. 

There’s one last thing that I know for certain: Skippy is the right combination of empathy, passion, and intelligence that we need back in politics.

Linzy Upton-Spatz