Trump’s lousy work ethic |

Trump’s lousy work ethic

“I probably worked harder in the last three weeks than I ever have in my life,” said Donald on Dec. 6, 2020. He said this in response to his attempts to overthrow the Nov. 3 election.

This, while we have 3,000 dying per day, and soon we will have 400,000 dead Americans due to COVID-19. We have millions of people unable to pay their rent or mortgages. And thousands of small businesses shuttering. We have hospital workers working double shifts and suffering PTSD. We have thousands going hungry. We have a climate change in the works that could turn earth into another Mars. We have Black Lives Matter. We have minorities who are discriminated against by the people who should be protecting them. We have thrown children in cages and lost touch with their parents. We have the highest deficit ever, and an economy on the edge of a cliff. We have our former allies laughing at us as they wonder what happened to the country they once respected, while Russia, cheers for our downfall.

We have a divided country with Trumpublicans verses everyone else. We have 106 Republican members of Congress supporting Trump’s sedition, more intent on coveting their power than helping their electorate while disregarding their oaths of office. And the hardest Donald has ever worked is Trump doing his best to undermine the Constitution he had sworn to protect and to undermine the election he lost. That is the hardest he has ever worked! He had dozens of other options and opportunities that he could have worked his hardest on, some of which could have saved thousands of lives. But the one he picked was to be a dictator, save his ego and his own ass, while grifting $205,000,000 and counting from his cult.

Dick Hampleman


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