Trump keeps duping supporters |

Trump keeps duping supporters

Lame-duck president and lifelong con man Donald Trump has raised over $200,000,000 since losing the election. The fundraising is taking place under the guise of fighting against widespread election fraud and to keep him in office.

Lawsuit after lawsuit have been thrown out of court by judges (many appointed by Trump) in all the so-called swing states. Why do some people keep supporting this man? This is a fundraising scam by a soulless scammer. Nothing more. There’s no evidence of election fraud. If there was, we would have seen it by now. Trump needs the money to pay off his mountain of debt and to defend himself in court against the long list of crimes and lawsuits he’ll be facing when he leaves office. He is ripping off his own supporters to keep himself and the rest of the Trump crime family out of jail. Don’t fall for it!

Rick Holtz




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