Trane: Thanks for making Ruggerfest great this year |

Trane: Thanks for making Ruggerfest great this year

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

On behalf of the Gentlemen of Aspen Rugby Club and the North American rugby community, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Aspen residents and visitors for contributing to our success during the 54th Aspen Ruggerfest.

Judging by the size of the crowds (and bears), the entertainment on hand was agreeable to all. The final on Sunday afternoon was an epic event and one for the ages! 

A special thanks goes out to the city of Aspen employees, especially Ryan Dew, the city’s turf specialist, for playing a huge role in getting the fields ready and maintaining them to provide a professional-grade surface for all to compete on.

A highlight for the Gentlemen of Aspen was to have Mayor Torre speak so enthusiastically to the teams about Ruggerfest and be present at the winners ceremony.

In featuring high school rugby at this year’s event, we continue to invest in and nurture rugby for youngsters. Keep on the lookout for the spring Junior Gents’ rugby season!

In our quest to provide an even better 55th event next year, we are keen to receive feedback on how to improve Ruggerfest and reduce any negative impacts to the community, as we seek to partner with everyone to provide a first-class and fun event.

Join us for Ruggerfest 55 next year for a long weekend of rugby, cow-tipping, and 8-foot gorillas — some of these antics you just cannot make up!

Fleming Trane

President, Aspen Rugby Club