Todtfeld: The values Aspen cherishes |

Todtfeld: The values Aspen cherishes

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Sam Rose deserves to be elected to the Aspen City Council. You don’t have to search long on his resume to find that he has held many roles to improve our town. He has been a volunteer firefighter, response hotline advocate, and member of the Aspen Planning and Zoning Commission for several years, to name a few.

Some examples of his actions are handing out space heaters to members of the community a few winters back, fighting local wildfires, and you could also find him as a first responder at the school incident this past Wednesday. Just this past month, Sam on the P&Z Commission voted for increasing affordable teacher housing in the community.

His policy positions have all the values Aspen cherishes and will provide the tangible actions this town needs. It is easy to see why the Aspen Daily News endorsed him for the second time after he also ran two years ago. He is an asset to this town, and Aspen would be better off with him in City Council.

Please return your ballot by Election Day, March 7, and please join me in voting for Sam Rose.

Josh Todtfeld