Timmons: What’s he running for?

We have yet to hear a single issue that Michael Buglione is running on. Instead, we have heard him and other disgruntled former employees beat the dead horse that is DiSalvo’s friendship with Lance and his future retirement home out of state.

I attended Squirm Night, and it was clear that there are no issues with how the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office is being run — instead, Buglione continues to take zero accountability for what he referred to as a “mishap” at Bumps, which ultimately was the last straw in his employment as a PCSO deputy. It became obvious to me that he is actually running out of bitterness and anger that he no longer has DiSalvo’s coat tails to ride on.

Buglione claimed to be worried about school safety — but when he had a responsibility to ensure the safety of high school students at an event at Bumps, it was actually his lack of concern, followup, responsibility, and then accountability that put those students at risk by providing an environment with no supervision for students to drink alcohol and use marijuana and cocaine.

At Squirm Night, when given the opportunity to ask DiSalvo any question at all, Buglione asked, “What happened? In 2018, you announced at a party in town that I would be the next Pitkin County sheriff.”

As if it weren’t clear already, it sure was then — that Michael Buglione is running for Pitkin County sheriff because he is angry that DiSalvo could no longer carry Buglione’s career, excuse his “mishap,” and ultimately tap him as the next sheriff.

Hallie Timmons


Letter to the Editor