Thrift Shop gets artsy Aug. 6

As we bask in the cultural riches of the Aspen summer, let’s not forget the Aspen Thrift Shop’s art extravaganza at the Red Brick Center for the Arts on Saturday, Aug. 6 — our annual Art Sale, where we sell off all the incredible prints, paintings, artifacts, vintage clothing, jewelry, etc., that is donated to the Thrift Shop during the year.

This might also be a perfect time to pass on to the Thrift Shop that dusty old Picasso you have sitting in the garage — we very much welcome your donations at this time, and if you are moving or cleaning house, you will not find a better time to donate your art. Don’t forget, the Aspen Thrift Shop donates all proceeds from the sale to our incredible program of grant-making to local nonprofits, and college scholarships for valley students.

Email Katherine Sand at with questions or for information about donations (we’ll come and grab the Van Gogh so you don’t have to drop it off!).

Thank you!

Katherine Sand