Thompson: That isn’t going to work |

Thompson: That isn’t going to work

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I have been coming to Aspen since I was a little kid. I learned to ski on Ajax. For me, the beauty of Aspen is that it was a mining town that became a ski town, unlike most master-planned resorts. 

Our family — my wife, Kat, and our three children — have owned a home in Aspen for the past 15 years.  We bought our current home because of the amazing views of the mountains. We love our home and Aspen!

I do not understand why we do not improve the road easement we already own. I believe the congestion is because you have four lanes that merge into two. I think we could do a lot better with our existing road easement and use more electric buses to and from Aspen and our Brush Creek Intercept lot. I think we need fewer cars in Aspen.

The high grass I see from my back porch is where the city is proposing a five-lane freeway that would dead-end into Aspen in the winter. This is not a green solution; this is not a parking-problem-in-Aspen solution; this is not solution to anything. It is a solution for the highway contractor, new hotel developers, and a solution to get a lot more vehicles into Aspen. 

My family and I are 100% against this proposal and know we can do better. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Brian Thompson