Thompson: Commitment to service

I met and became friends with Joe DiSalvo in the mid-1980s. He was one of the persons who recruited me to the Sheriff’s Office. I have served in several roles alongside him, including deputy sheriff, deputy coroner, board member of the Pitkin County Regional Emergency Dispatch Center, chair of the Pitkin County Public Safety Council and fire chief of Roaring Fork Fire Rescue.

I have worked many hours alongside Joe and learned much about my co-worker. I realized that I could trust him. He made thoughtful, well-planned and never heavy-handed decisions. I always felt that each incident ended as well as possible.

He led many serious criminal investigations and worked on our incident management teams, managing search and rescue, large incidents, presidential and dignitary visits as well as X-Games year after year. His attention to detail, experience, knowledge and abilities are certainly part of why all these events and significant incidents were resolved safely with good outcomes.

Joe showed his commitment to me and the entire valley during the beginning of the Lake Christine Fire. Even though the fire was burning in Eagle County, he quickly recognized the threat to our valley and communities. He told me, “Anything that is mine is yours. I’ll write a check if you need it.”

At the time, we had airplanes, helicopters a small army of firefighters on the way, and I did not put much thought into his offer. After the fire was out, I remembered our conversation and what it meant to the citizens of our valley regardless of county boundaries. Joe is passionate about his commitment to serving and being a leader for the safety and betterment of our region.

When you vote for sheriff, I ask you to consider Joe’s experience as it does indeed matter when it comes to our safety.

Scott Thompson


Letter to the Editor