The CliffsNotes version of Trump

Trump using force to remove peaceful protesters from his photo op is exactly what one expects of Trump and the Trumpublicans that support him, including our Sen. Cory Gardner, a lock step Trumpublican. Trump has Barr order the attack of the demonstrators so that the Trumpster can stand in front of a church he doesn’t attend and hold a Bible upside down he doesn’t read.

He should have held up the book that his ex-wife Ivana said he kept by his bed, “My New Order” by Adolf Hitler. I am sure he has read “My New Order” in the coloring-book version.

We have an authoritarian Kleptocrat who is seems to be in Putin’s pocket and is destroying our country for the sake of his ego and for the Russian oligarchs with whom he has allegedly laundered money since the ‘80s, and to who it has been reported he owes millions.

Now he is trying to reduce the number of our troops in Germany, which is exactly what Putin wants. I guess he wants to get the troops back here so he can use them in his coup d’état.

Trump needs to put epaulettes on his ever-present blue suit so he can look like a real leader, and like the dictator he wants to be. So much for the Constitution, just another thing he has not read.

Dick Hampleman