Sura: We don’t need this measure |

Sura: We don’t need this measure

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Snowmass Village voters beware: Ballot measure 2C seems to be a hurried attempt by the Town Council to arbitrarily use excess tourism and lodge taxes at their discretion without any controls.

These taxes already collect more than they need. In fact, we already have a multi-million-dollar surplus. Both of these taxes should be repealed.

This measure allows the town to apply these excess funds from these two taxes to what it calls “workforce housing.” In the past, this was called “employee housing.” Changing the name seems to indicate that taxpayers should be responsible to supply housing for everybody. This is wrong. These funds will just go into the black hole of the housing budget.

Employee housing should be paid for by the employers, not the taxpayers — unless specifically for town employees, teachers or first responders or through some kind of shared participation.

The 2C question should be defeated as written. Either cut the tourism and lodge tax with new measures or come up with a more comprehensive plan, which addresses the current needs of the tourism and housing departments, and bring it back to the electorate at a later time.

Mike Sura

Snowmass Village