Stubborn views taint Tree Farm’s merits

I am writing in support of the Tree Farm application. The latest letters to the editor opposing the project are based on not approving anything anywhere. The suggestion that we need to further study impacts is a delay tactic utilized by those who only remember why they came here and give no thought to what it takes to stay here or what it takes to make it better for all of us that live here.

The old-school thought processes these negative opponents are stuck on reveal a fixed mind set that has plagued our community for decades.

The Tree Farm is attempting to bring forward new ideas on how a development could work. It is transit-oriented — it is dense — it is infill in an already urbanized area. It is providing housing and opportunities for early-childhood care and education. It is surrounded by public lands and open space purchased for the purpose of preserving the rural character of our valley. Our younger voices are calling for the same chance we had to settle here and raise a family, pursue a career, start a business and make a meaningful valuable genuine contributions to the future of our valley.

There is little or no value in the old-school ideas being put forth that have continued to leave us with bigger and bigger issues and virtually no solutions. They are based simply on emotion and selfish personal agendas. I do not carry the same prejudice against the Eagle County elected officials as others on this side of Eagle Valley do and find my fellow residents’ comments embarrassing and without any value added to the conversation at all.

Please consider supporting this application as I firmly believe it will provide a solution to the many problems we face as our community grows.
Rick Stevens