Stiller, Gurtman: Critical thinker, good heart |

Stiller, Gurtman: Critical thinker, good heart

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Aspen City Council needs a member who wants to be there out of love for this city and community — not because of anger or a special interest in one issue.

We need to elect someone who is civic-minded, empathetic, and willing and able to lead. Sam Rose is all that and more. This is his second time running, and he has put in a huge amount of effort to strengthen his candidacy.

Most notably, his work on the Planning and Zoning Commission has taught him effective ways to get things done on the council. He has earned a master’s in finance, joined the 9th District of Colorado Judicial Performance Commission, taken Aspen 360 courses, and studied the Land Use Code, Budget, and Aspen Area Community Plan.

All this is in addition to his current work for Pitkin County and his time as a volunteer firefighter and response advocate. 

Sam Rose has proved — and continues to prove — that he is an incredible asset to this city, and that we would all benefit from his love, enthusiasm, and dedication. We can trust he’s coming at this election from a place of humility and respect, and we’ll all be proud to have his critical thinking skills and good heart represent us.

Michelle Stiller and Lori Gurtman