Stiller: A focus on Family Connections |

Stiller: A focus on Family Connections

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Thank you to the entire Aspen community for supporting our public school system, year after year. Our recent Aspen Education Foundation’s Flamingo raised significant funds to support every single student.

Aspen Family Connections is vital program that the Aspen Education Foundation prioritizes. I want to highlight this group because its impact is tremendous. Headed by Katherine Sands, Aspen Family Connections supports hundreds of Aspen School District families every year, connecting them to services and resources of all kinds.

A key component to children finding success in our schools is their ability to access the right support at the right time, in a way that’s individualized to their families. Aspen Family Connections works with all families, regardless of means, in confidence and without judgment. The Aspen Family Connections approach is preventive, focusing on ways that we can help kids and families be resilient, engaged, and connected — ready for education and the world beyond. 

The power of our small community is remarkable. Thank you to every ticket holder, donor, volunteer, spotter, student, restaurant participant, and Elizabeth Slossberg of EKS Events. 

Michelle Stiller

Vice President, Aspen Education Foundation