Stephenson: Staff should be supported |

Stephenson: Staff should be supported

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It was an honor to be hired by Sheriff Dick Kienast in 1983 and continue my service with Sheriff Bob Braudis as a deputy, juvenile investigator and patrol director until my retirement shortly afterJoe DiSalvo’s election.

During my many years on the management team of the Sheriff’s Office, employee termination issues arose a handful of times. Braudis’ mantra was always clear: “The last thing you want to do is (…) with a man’s job.” And, only on rare occasions did terminations occur.

Under Joe DiSalvo’s reign, the number of employees leaving due to termination, being paid off to leave, forced to resign or leaving in disgust has risen exponentially. By my count, at least 20 local individuals with decades of law-enforcement experience have left for one of these reasons during his tenure. 

Please vote for Michael Buglione for sheriff. He wants to retain personnel by supporting staff as Bob did for DiSalvo when the latter was arrested for assault in 2004. Michael Buglione is committed to taking criticism about himself or mistakes made by staff without a kneejerk reaction. Michael Bugione is committed to exploring employee housing, enabling deputies to live in the county they so bravely serve.

Vote for Buglione by Nov 8. 

Ann Stephenson